A Vanishing Point Speed Race



A Vanishing Point Speed Race is an arcade 3D racing game, designed for the Android and IOS devices. This game provides a racing experience, offering different road environments and multiple cars, while also allowing the player to change between Automatic or Manual simulation.

Most of the game contents are locked at the beginning, requiring the player to go through the game story races in order to unlock all the vehicles and tracks available.

The numerous tracks from the game are of a mixed variety, some realistic like the deserted city streets and others wild and muddy, such as the dirt tracks. Each track offers high speed curves and stunning 3D scenes that add to your racing pleasure. The use of real world cars and tracks ensures a better quality of the simulator experience.


The car models are good in detail and very sharp. The vehicles differ not just in top speed, but also in braking ability, acceleration and rapidly downshifting when necessary.

For a better gaming experience, the games description advices the players to tune their car performance by improving their Top Speed, Acceleration, Tires and Suspension. Also, upgrade to different road grip cars to play the various races.

a-vanishing-point-speed-race-3421eb-h900Realistic driving action will require mastering of the driving skills. If you want to win trophies and constantly beat your opponents, you must adapt to the tendency of the level of difficulty to grow as you advance to the next tracks. The game asks for constant improvement.

Challenge your skills via the Manual control. Also, note that the game will punish anyone that doesn’t brake early enough or don’t learn their racing line. The AI racers are dangerous drivers and worthy opponents.a-vanishing-point-speed-race-2eb0d2-w192

The game has a smooth framerate that doesn’t seem to decrease when other cars are in your field of view or when you reach a complex area in a track. Overall, A Vanishing Point Speed Race is one of the most accurate and satisfying racing simulators I’ve played on a phone.

Genre: Racing, Simulatorandie-top-tips-app-apple-icons-app-store-badge-flush

Sources: Google Play, AppStore


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