Star Reaction


Star Reaction is unlike any other game of the same genre. At a first glimpse, you might say “Oh, it’s just another tile-matching game.” But after playing the tutorial, under the spell of such a cosmic soundtrack you can easily see the difference between Star Reaction and other Match 3 puzzle games.

Multiple weapons and gadgets will help you along the way to reach your goal. Furthermore, as presented in the game description, you can combine powers to make them stronger and unlock awards as you go along. From Gatling guns that completely destroy a star, to Flare and Freeze powers that allow you to change the color of a star from cool to warm, in order for it to match the surrounding stars.


Star Reaction is a bit like chess. The best thing about this game is that it allows you to use your creativity and your own strategic approach. This game provides a variety of gameplay styles that the user can master.

You can easily create an advantage if you make your moves in the right order and use the weapons, gadgets and powers at the right time. But what am I saying? There is no right order of moves in this game. You either finish the level within the number of moves you have from the beginning or you fail and start over.

The goal is to solve the puzzle by using a certain number of moves. If you fail to finish the level by using that specific number of moves, you lose the opportunity to win the gold medal.

Also, there are bombs that need to be defused before they explode. This is a double edged feature. If you defuse the bomb, it will destroy most of the stars and rocks around it, which is good. If you don’t, and the ticking clock stops, BOOM!!! and it’s game over.

A downside of the game is that the player has to remember the symbols for spells and weapons, because time passes when you click on them to read the description, and a bomb could go off during that time.

Overall, it is a fun game that challenges your mind with dynamic gameplay and chills your soul with a vibrant soundtrack.

Genre: Puzzle, Matching                                                            Sources: Wikipedia, UnTied Games

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