Project: Steal


Project: Steal is an awesome single player mobile platformer, in which you play as a master thief. Your main objective is to steal from a bunch of vaults while trying to get past enemies and obstacles, in the shortest time possible.

All sorts of cool weapons can be found in these vaults, such as grenades and missile launchers, which help you defeat the guards that patrol the area. If a guard hits you, you lose one life. You begin every mission with 3 lives, so the weapons will always prove very useful. The best part is that you receive unlimited ammo and get to keep the weapon as long as you stay alive.

From all the enemy AI, the security guards will be the least of your worries. The types of enemies are numerous, but the real danger lies in the ingenuously designed traps and other deadly devices that lay around. Static or in motion, you will find them very challenging.

The seconds spent while trying to get past any trap will be added to the overall time of the mission and your exposure bonus will be diminished. This can affect your final result, considering the scoring system is based on an average between the time of exposure, the loot gathered and the remaining lives.


The saving system is very well designed, allowing the player to resume the robbery from up to 3 different locations while playing high difficulty levels.

In essence, Project: Steal was meant to be a retro 2D platformer arcade game, but the designers added some 3D graphics and made it even more enjoyable.


Since the games first release in April 2014, the developers have continuously fixed bugs, added levels and changed the User Interface where needed. This added more entertainment to the game, allowing the players to match their robbing skills with the reputation stars received on the rewards screen.

Although, in April, the game was launched only for Windows Phones, eight months later the versions for the Android and IOS devices were available for download. The players also added creativity to the game, mainly because the developers were very responsive to the user feedback, and kept in mind the suggestions of beta testers. The game received very positive feedback and reviews from players running different OS devices.


Overall, Project: Steal proves to be a fun and dynamic game that keeps you on the edge with deadly traps and fierce enemies at every step. All you have to do is keep it simple. Just like the games motto says: “Get in. get out. Steal all the things.”


Genre: Arcade, Indie, Platformer

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