PathPix Love


PathPix Love is one of those Link-a-Pix and Nonogram games that the players fall in love with at first sight. The difference between Path Pix Love and other games of the same genre is that you don’t just link the pixels in a specific order, to create a predefined path. The game rewards you with a little piece of pixel art after you find the unique solution to each puzzle.

Create a miniature picture by drawing paths and connecting pairs of colored numbers. Keep in mind that the length of each path must be equal to the numbers you are connecting.

bdshThe game combines the analytic thinking required to find and draw the correct paths with an artistic touch, thus normal gameplay leading to creation of art. There is only one way to draw and discover a pixel masterpiece.

We can read in the game description that you get, as a reward, a quote related in some way to the picture. Witty or wise, it will give you something to think about as you reach the next puzzle. An extra reward are the amusing historical or literary quotes related to the picture you just built.

The difficulty is well balanced and the player advances easily, while the 99 picture logic puzzles increase in difficulty and size. Also, the user can play in portrait or landscape mode. There are two ways of navigation while solving the puzzles, by zooming in and out or by touching any place without a number and moving around.pathpix-love-1023-3-s-307x512

PathPix Love is the latest game from the PathPix series, and the most complex in my opinion. The developers accomplished a wonderful implementation of the previous numbers-linking puzzle features and created a complex game experience with simple rules. And the best thing is the games main theme: Love. This noble emotion combined with logic and art helps to create a simple, unique and intuitive game.1420743113_globalapk.com_unnamed



Genre: Puzzle                                     Sources: Wikipedia, Google Play, Kpixgames, AppStore 

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