One ‘Destiny’ Player Has Already Hit Level 32

Destiny Player Hits Level 32

Well that didn’t take long.

Less than one week after the launch of Destiny‘s The Dark Below expansion, which among other things raised the light level cap to 32, one players has hit the game’s new ceiling. Some thought with the new upgrade materials required for the gear, it would be at least a few weeks until someone hit 32, but Destiny player EnormousTrash has proved them wrong.

So, how did he do it? Surprisingly, EnormousTrash’s methods did not involve cheating or luck, but rather a whole lot of time. See, what the player did was create a total of five different characters, all the same class, and run the Crota’s End raid five times within the past week. Doing so netted EnormousTrash enough radiant materials to level up to 32. You can check out his Destiny profile here, but since EnormousTrash switches characters so regularly it won’t always be level 32.

However, with only three character slots available to any Destiny player at a given time, EnormousTrash had to delete and restart his progress twice during this monumental run. That means he took his three current characters, pooled all the resources into one character’s Vault, and then deleted the other two. After that, he leveled both those characters up to 20, put on the higher level gear from the original character, and then ran the raid again. He basically took the strategy of creating two alternate characters of the same class and ballooned it out to a new extreme.

Even then, EnormousTrash needed to hope for Radiant Shards and not Radiant Energy, but clearly he got his wish. In total, he accrued some 63 shards during the past week, which helped him level his Warlock up to 32.

Destiny Level 32 Player Gear

Although some will criticize this Destiny player for their methods, it’s hard to deny their dedication. Having to run through the entire game two times, after doing it three times previously, is by no means an easy task, and shows just how badly EnormousTrash wanted to be the first to level 32. And now they can be an integral part of any Crota’s End raid team moving forward, doing tons more damage in the final showdown with Crota.

For the rest of us, however, level 32 is still at least a few weeks away. Even those of us who have one, maybe two, alternate characters will need the RNG of Destiny to go our way if we ever have a hope of hitting the new cap. Luckily, the hard version of Crota’s End doesn’t hit until January so there’s plenty of time to hit 32.

What do you think of someone already hitting Destiny‘s new level cap? Is someone like this dedicated or insane?

Source: IGN

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