New ‘Just Cause 3′ Screenshots, Gameplay & Story Details

Just Cause 3 Gameplay Changes Details

Its arrival may not have been a total surprise, but fans of Just Cause 2 will be relieved to see just how ambitious developer Avalanche Sutudios is approaching its newly-revealed sequel, Just Cause 3. After screenshots leaked earlier this month, the official reveal promised that more than a few changes would be coming to the established formula, but as new details on the gameplay tweaks, story in place, and massive open world have arrived, fans will be happy to hear – and see – that the expected carnage is still very much intact.

The new information comes as part of Game Informer‘s continuing coverage of the game’s reveal, with series hero Rico Rodriguez gracing the magazine’s December issue. Where the story was first claimed to be taking the high-flying action to a mysterious location in the Mediterranean, it’s now been revealed that the nation is question is Rico’s homeland, Medici.

Unsurprisingly, it’s yet another tyrannical dictator Rico is out to stop – in this case, the oppressor goes by the name of General Di Ravello – but hopefully the character’s connection to the area will give a bit of a boost where story and characters are concerned. Granted, Just Cause isn’t exactly a story-driven experience, with the previous game standing as a fan favorite sandbox from the previous console generation (and PC modders). But a bit more investment wouldn’t hurt.

Just Cause 3 Game Screenshots

Set “several years after” the last outing, Rico has put the time to use by adding a wingsuit to his repertoire, noted for not only its ability to move players across the map during freefall, but achieve all new high speeds. According to the outlet’s hands-on time with the game (the open world, not the story missions), the controls have received some attention, allowing the grappling of planes and enemies with less difficulty.

All new mechanics have been added as well, with Rico able to lessen the General’s influence over Medici’s inhabitants by destroying billboards, statues and propaganda loudspeakers. When influence has been erased, Rico “owns” the town, meaning he is able to travel to it instantly, take refuge within it when the heat is too great, and even save rare vehicles to be acquired later via air drop.

Just Cause 3 Plane Screenshots

As experienced players know, Just Cause‘s brand of ‘liberation’ tends to be synonymous with ‘destruction,’ and while the number of towns isn’t given, the game’s overall world is claimed to simulate 400 square miles, divided between three main zones. That’s the same size estimated for Just Cause 2‘s Panau, and while some might be disappointed that Just Cause 3 won’t be escalating the scale with its jump to next-gen, nobody ever complained that the sprawling island chain of the prior game felt constrained. And if even some of that tropical water is replaced with land and towns, there’s still ample freedom for explosive horseplay.

As a cherry on top, it seems a group of former BurnOut developers have also given their attention to the game’s driving model, though their improvements or tweaks will only prove their worth when the game finds its way into players’ hands.

Just Cause 3 Screenshots Story Details

More details, footage, and screenshots are likely to be released as the coverage continues through November, but at this point, Just Cause 3 certainly meets expectations. In truth, the fan base that Just Cause 2 found made a sequel a no-brainer, as modern audiences seem more willing than ever to embrace a game that offers freedom and agency, as opposed to a compelling story or memorable cast. From the game’s early showing, the destruction possible in the game is clearly Avalanche’s top selling point.

Are you interested in yet another next-gen open world, or did you get your fill with Just Cause 2? If Just Cause 3 may be your first experience with the series, it’s worth pointing out that the retail version of the game may be just an appetizer, once the PC modding community gets its hands on Medici.

Just Cause 3 is expected to release in 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Game Informer

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