Missing The FOV Controls In ‘Far Cry 4′ on PC? You’re A Pirate!

Amidst the games that have launched in the last two weeks, Far Cry 4 has been a nice change of pace, in the sense that it’s one of the few games that didn’t have (as many) game-crippling launch issues. That’s most likely due to the day one patch the game received that fixed several things dealing with stability, rendering features and more. For most people, the update should’ve downloaded and installed without problem, and players could be on their way Kyrat. In other cases, some may have missed the update, thereby missing out on the changes, including one FOV feature.

Or they were playing pirated copies, which would mean they’re not connecting to the internet and keeping their games up-to-date.

As revealed on Twitter by Ubisoft Montreal Creative Director Alex Hutchinson, if you’re currently complaining about Far Cry 4′s seemingly missing FOV options, it’s because you didn’t get your hands on the game by legal means. Both Reddit and Twitter were, unsurprisingly, full of people discussing the lack of that particular feature, as well as ways to get around it.

Outside of the FOV missing from pirated copies, however, Far Cry 4 doesn’t have a ton of issues still lingering around after the initial patch, although he sound keeps dropping in our copy. According to Ubisoft, through a post on the Far Cry blog, there are only three problems that continue to be reported on. Depending on your experience with the game so far, these are either massive problems you’re currently dealing with, or things you hope to not run into before a future update:

PC Crashes: Some players have been reporting problems loading the game that result in a crash that manifests as a black screen. We have been able to reproduce this internally. While we are just starting to investigate this, our initial findings suggest that this may be the result of the presence of certain peripherals that are causing conflicts.

PlayStation 3 Corruption: We have seen reports from PS3 players that they are receiving a message reading “Game Data is corrupt. Please delete [Far Cry 3] game data”. While the message suggests this would be limited to players who had also played Far Cry 3 on the same console, we are receiving similar reports from players who have not played FC3. If you are submitting reports about this issue, please clarify if you’ve played Far Cry 3 or Blood Dragon on the same console.

Pre-Order Code Redemption: Players who pre-ordered the game were told that they would receive an email with a redemption code for the “Blood Ruby” bonus mission in advance of the game’s release. Some players have reported that they did not yet receive this email, and some players have reported that they did receive the email but it was missing a valid code.

Far Cry 4 only just came out this week, but its been pretty well received. Reviews have praised the game for offering more of what made Far Cry 3 great, but its overall story leaves much to be desired.

How has the game been treating you so far? Is it exactly what you wanted following Far Cry 3, or could it benefit from experimenting and breaking the mold?

Far Cry 4 is out now for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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