Merchant is a mobile RPG tycoon game in which you get to manage your own shop in a fantasy medieval kingdom. The retro 8 bit look of the game goes well with the attempt to reimagine the traditional mobile RPG.

Being the merchant, you will be able to build up and manage multiple characters, up to 8 different heroes, and send them on quests in order to gather resources and gain experience points. Equip your heroes for specific fights and play off their strengths. Sell items for gold and use materials collected from quests to craft new ones, in order to better ensure the success of your heroes.

1_merchantA problem is that the heroes can not be dismissed. So choose carefully when hiring new ones and keep in mind that you can upgrade that hero to a higher rank of the same class type, after reaching Level 15.

The player will have an inventory menu to manage items and materials. He will be able to combine different items from the inventory in order to craft better weapons, equipment or potions. Also, while crafting, the player gains experience equal to the gold required.

By using the hero stats menu, the player can view the heroes status. In the same menu you can equip new items. In this section, the game has another characteristic the user might find hard to get accustomed to.

The hero stats, such as Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity, are not determined by core attributes of the hero, as in other RPG game. They are increased by equipping various weapons and armors. Practically, as the developers explain, Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity are converted into Attack, Magic Attack and Accuracy, but the value of the first set of stats will always remain zero, unless changed by a weapon. merchant hero

The player explores a small gameworld, composed of 3 regions in which he will find numerous quests, and get to fight various enemies and creatures. The game has no storyline but the quests are challenging and entertaining.

The developers have continuously collaborated with the users after the release of the game. Merchant had some flaws when it was first released but the Devs have fixed several bugs and crashes, added extra hero and inventory slots and balanced the unique drops rate and rare monsters appearance. This continuous effort led to the improvement of the game and made so many players band together and ride out to battle.

Genre: RPG                                                                      Sources: IndieDB, Google Play, Reddit


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