Iron Snout


Iron Snout is an endless beat’em up game in which the hunted finally becomes the hunter. And by hunter I mean slayer. The scared little piglet does not hide from the wolves anymore. He prepared for this moment. This time, the piggy has trained in multiple martial arts and weapon handling, and is ready to stand his ground. And he stands his ground like a samurai.

Trapped in the middle, only able to move left and right, the piglet relies on your combat skills in order to repel the hoards of incoming wolves. You can perform different actions such as punch, kick, jump, duck, grab and throw. It might look as easy combat gameplay, but it’s actually an endless and ruthless action-packed combat system. Imagine killing a wolf with the head of another wolf, while in mid-air. Yep…that kind of combat. All these kills are added to a combo meter that determines your highscore.

Every move performed by the piggy is a fighting move. For instance, as the game description states, you can jump and attack, dodge incoming cleavers or catch them, kick cleavers out of enemies, throw enemies in mid-air, perform slam attacks, catch projectiles, “snipe” rocket wolves and other insane moves.unnamed

The developers added Achievements in addition to the fighting, to reward the player for his slaying abilities. And believe me, you will gain skill at slaying wolves. You can practically use an enemy weapon as your own weapon, use the enemy itself as a weapon or use the head of the enemy as a weapon.

The player gets ranked in a Leaderboard based on his score, but the developers are looking forward to create a combo chain Leaderboard. Also, new enemies AI were added, such as the Pogo stick wolf.hqdefault

The game is a continuous work in progress, allowing the developers to constantly make changes based on the feedback received from players. They made some modifications to the combat system, character movement, achievements and leaderboards, while also adding new enemies, more usable weapons, bug fixes, performance boosts and, of course, more brutality. The game is currently available for Windows, Web and Android.

Overall, Iron Snout is a cool and simple game, the likes of which I have not played in a long time. Most of the reviews the game received were positive, and the users seem really excited with this fast paced fighting mechanics. I can also say that the traditional story skips a scene. After his straw house was blown away by the big bad wolf, what the little piggy did, was stand and fight.


Genre: Arcade, Fighting

Source: SnoutUp, Google Play

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