‘Heroes of the Storm’ Gets New Characters & Maps; Closed Beta January 2015

As many start to wind down and prepare for the weekend, popular developer Blizzard is only ramping up thanks to Blizzcon 2014. Today’s event has already delivered plenty of exciting announcements far and wide, including the reveal of Overwatch, Blizzard’s latest new game.

But of course, Blizzard would be remiss if they didn’t touch on existing franchises and properties, and so they had some exciting news for Heroes of the Storm players and hopeful players as well.

Unfortunately, Blizzard is not ready to announce an official release date for Heroes of the Storm just yet, but they did reveal a new closed beta. That test will kick off on January 13th of next year.

On top of that, Blizzard announced a few new heroes and two new battlefields for the MOBA, which are sure to reinvigorate the fandom. First up is word that select characters from The Lost Vikings will be making their way into Heroes of the Storm. The Lost Vikings, for those who might not remember, was an NES classic from the early ’90s – a puzzle platformer that Blizzard picked up the rights to in the 2000s.

Fear not, though, Blizzard is not just adding some obscure characters to the mix, but also Thrall and Jaina from Warcraft. This is Heroes of the Storm after all, so it would be a shame not to see Blizzard throw a little love to one of their most popular franchises.

Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta

In addition to those new characters, Heroes of the Storm players will also see two new battlegrounds – Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider Queen – added to the mix. Unlike DOTA 2, which uses a single playing area (holiday reskins not withstanding), it appears Heroes of the Storm is going for a more varied approach, giving players more variety not just in the character selection but also the battlefield.

As far as the closed beta in January is concerned, Blizzard has not said how players might be able to enter, but when they do we’ll be sure to deliver all the details. And those who are already playing the game, things are looking up.

Are you excited for the Heroes of the Storm beta? What about the addition of characters from The Lost Vikings?

Source: Polygon

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