Guardians of the Galaxy Join ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’

Marvel Puzzle Quest Guardians of the Galaxy

There’s no doubt about it: Rocket Raccoon and Groot are the break-out stars of 2014. Even before Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters last August, Rocket merchandise was everywhere; since the movie’s premiere, the pair’s gotten even more popular. Rocket Raccoon was one of the most searched-for Halloween costumes last October (yes, there’s even a “sexy” version), while the act of “Grooting” is taking comic conventions by storm.

Given their newfound fame, it’s no surprise that Rocket, Groot, and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy are popping up in video games Not only did Guardians of the Galaxy get its own mobile action-RPG, but the lovable rogues also have their own Disney Infinity 2.0 playset. They’ve appeared in Minecraft, and even (unofficially) in Bungie’s multiplayer shooter Destiny.

So, it’s no surprise that Rocket and Groot are finding their way to Marvel Puzzle Quest, too. Marvel’s releasing a new episode of its puzzle-RPG hybrid on November 26, 2014 that prominently features the mammal-tree duo; it’s even called, appropriately enough, “Meet Rocket & Groot.” The episode focuses on the two bounty hunters as they explore Earth for the first time, causing havoc while running afoul of classic Marvel villains like Mystique and Doctor Doom.

Play through the episode once, and players will get the brand-new female Thor character as a reward. Play through it twice, and they’ll earn Gamora, the Guardians’ green-skinned assassin and the adopted daughter of Marvel’s uber-villain Thanos.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest shakes up the traditional match-three puzzle genre by giving players access to different characters from the Marvel canon, each of whom possess special abilities that help clear the game board. Instead of generating high scores, the act of matching tiles performs combat actions: damaging opponents, healing players’ characters, earning money, etc. The more matches players chain together, the more powerful their actions become.

According to D3Publisher’s Joe Fletcher, Rocket and Groot (who, together, comprise a single “character”) and Gamora are both 3-star characters. The Rocket and Groot combo has a powerful healing ability in the yellow slot, a smashing attack in the green, and a timer-based strike ability in the blue. Gamora is a green, red, and black character who can stun and severely damage opponents.

This all sounds fun, and the artwork on all three characters is unsurprisingly great, but it’s not really a party without the whole Guardians gang. Can Peter Quill and Drax the Destroyer be far behind? Let’s hope not.

“Meet Rocket & Groot” comes to Marvel Puzzle Quest on November 26, 2014 for PC, iOS, and Android.

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