Elemental Tower Defence

Elemental Defence

From all the tower defense games out there, this one will surely strike you as the perfect time killer. And I’m not just saying that. Elemental Defence truly combines all the features of the tower defense genre, while adding new and exciting ways to plan your strategies and defeat the upcoming enemy waves.

Elemental Defence

But these are not just ordinary enemies, such as zombies or other unearthly creatures. Here you face all of nature’s elements. We know from the game description that each element has a strength and a weakness. I mean, everyone knows that water is the best counter attack when dealing with fire. But not everyone can get creative enough to think of strategies to repel all the waves of elemental minions. I assure you that 60 waves of enemies will challenge even the most experienced defenders.

Following the classical pattern of the genre, the player must fight off waves of elements by using defense towers. But don’t worry. These defense towers also use elements of the nature as a weapon and the best part is that you can upgrade these towers, by increasing their range and damage. The player can also strategically place different kinds of towers next to each other in order to create a better defense line. Also, various boosts can be used to enhance your attack and aid your strategy if you gain enough energy while repelling the enemy waves.

10806267_1510469912570123_4024918557516817913_nThe difficulty curve is very well designed. Even though the user must face 60 waves of elemental enemies, he will not be overwhelmed from the start if he uses the received and later gained resources in a clever way. Again, the game description tells us that there are 9 exciting Maps of increasing difficulty, but you can also unlock new maps and have access to future downloadable content.

The game also has an online feature that allows the players to compete with friends via the global high-scores and leaderboard. This competitive side of the game allows and challenges the users to constantly change their strategies and aspire for better self improvement.

Overall, Elemental Tower Defence proves to be a really successful strategy game. By combining the fun and competitive side, when playing to achieve a higher rank in the leaderboard, with the chance to express your cleverness, when merging different powers in order to defeat the elemental minions, this game contains all the pieces that makes a tower defense game enjoyable.


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Genre: Tower Defense, Strategy                                                            Sources: Wikipedia, Google Play

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