‘Destiny’ Iron Banner Relaunches Today with New Features

Destiny Iron Banner Relaunches Today

Although the Iron Banner event in Destiny may have launched with good intentions, the end result was far from perfect. In fact, most found that what Bungie had originally claimed Iron Banner would deliver and what it actually did were not one in the same. Specifically, the ‘Level Advantages Enabled’ qualifier and the gear rewarded from the event were lackluster to say the least.

But, that isn’t keeping Bungie from trying again with Iron Banner 2.0. The relaunch of the Destiny event was originally supposed to hit at the end of this week, but Bungie has decided to go live with Iron Banner 2.0 starting today, November 18th. The event will then run until November 24th.

As some may know, this Iron Banner relaunch will be starkly different from the first failed attempt. For starters, Destiny players will notice that their armor and weapon ratings will play a greater factor in their success. The first time around it appeared that level advantages, while enabled, didn’t do much to increase a player’s effectiveness, but now they will.

Losses will also function a bit differently this time around, as evidenced in the Medallion system. Essentially, every time a player loses they collect a medallion, and once they finally win those medallions (up to 5 total) can be cashed in for more Iron Banner reputation.

Destiny Iron Banner Loss Medallions

On top of that, players will have more rewards available for participating in the Iron Banner, either by completing IB bounties or winning matches to gain reputation. Those rewards will include new weapons, shaders, and armor pieces (gauntlets and boots) that will get players closer to level 30. Players will still need to complete the Vault of Glass raid to get all the way to 30, but this will bring them closer.

And finally, Iron Banner 2.0 is introducing a new feature called Reforging that will let players reset and upgrade their weapons in new ways. We still don’t know how exactly it works, or which weapons can be reforged, but the prospect is intriguing.

Destiny Iron Banner Reforge Feature

Despite failing the first time around, Iron Banner 2.0 has the potential to reinvigorate the Destiny fan base with the promise of new gear, new features, and lots more bounties. Obviously, this event is focused on multiplayer fans, and it’s nice to see them get a little love from Bungie. Having no way to get close to level 30 in PvP was a bummer, and now Bungie is taking strides to change that.

All that being said, we’ll have to wait and see if Iron Banner 2.0 succeeds where 1.0 failed. In practice, Bungie seems to have a handle on what they want to improve, but in reality they don’t always deliver.

What do you think of the Iron Banner relaunch? Will you spend considerable time in the Crucible event?

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