Destiny: Crota’s End Final Boss Beat in 7 Minutes

Destiny Hard Raid Crota End Delay

The first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, may have only been available to players for a matter of days, but we’re already seeing Guardians race to complete its Raid in the fastest time possible. Yesterday, we received word that a team had managed to beat Crota’s End in the first six hours after the expansion launched — and now there’s evidence of an even more impressive dismissal of the new Raid’s boss.

A team known as ‘Legendary Crew’ have posted a video to YouTube in which they kill off Crota, son of Onyx in just seven minutes. A co-ordinated effort sees the bulk of the team focus on crowd control and dropping Crota’s shield, while the player filming the video grabs an enemy’s sword to deal hefty amounts of damage to the unprotected boss.

In a post on Bungie’s Destiny message boards announcing the group’s accomplishment, team member Bludrunk suggests that Legendary Crew had initially intended to go for the first clear of Crota’s End on launch day, before other commitments prevented them from doing so. He goes on to say, “we may not have gotten the first kill, but we believe we have the fastest run yet with sound strategies.”

Later posts by Bludrunk suggest that Legendary Crew’s Raid run only took five hours, which would pip the record set earlier in the week by Invigorate Gaming. However, his recording software didn’t record the whole thing, so it seems that his team will have to settle for a record-breaking boss kill for the time being.

In the weeks following the first Destiny Raid, the Vault of Glass, we saw a host of teams compete to clear the Raid in record time. It seems that we’re seeing the beginnings of a similar contest for Crota’s End — but, given that players have had longer to get to grips with the intricacies of the game, it seems that the skill of players involved has increased greatly.

It will be very interesting to see if anyone can improve on the seven minute record for killing Crota set by Legendary Crew — or if Bungie will decide to make the boss a little more difficult to kill. The studio has demonstrated that they’re not averse to making tweaks to the game, even having adjusted the Atheon boss fight from the Vault of Glass shortly after it was released. Then again, a few of our Game Rant team got the the final boss within the first six hours as well but failed to defeat him.

At least for the moment, The Dark Below has given the Destiny community a new challenge to tackle. Just how quickly players have managed to get to grips with Crota might influence Bungie’s approach to difficult going forward; expect a real challenge when a harder variant of the Raid releases in January — if you’re struggling with Crota, check out our guide to The Dark Below.

Destiny and its first expansion The Dark Below are available now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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