Conan O’Brien Reviews ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’

By now most gamers are plenty familiar with Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer video series, which see the redheaded TV host struggling his way through the latest video game releases. He’s tackled everything from Grand Theft Auto 5 to Super Smash Bros. and each review has been more entertaining than the next.

And so as the holiday gaming season continues to ramp up it only seems appropriate that the Clueless Gamer also step up his reviewing game. Just last week O’Brien reviewed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and this week he has a closer look at Assassin’s Creed Unity.

It should be mentioned, though, that the Clueless Gamer video does contain some spoilers for the early parts of Assassin’s Creed Unity, so those hoping to go into the game completely blind might want to hold off just yet. The rest of us, however, should know they are in for a bloody good time, as Conan assassinates his way through 18th Century France.

Despite being a pretty inept gamer, Conan makes some salient observations about Unity‘s visuals, its combat mechanics, and its story. For example, he, like many AC fans, finds it weird that many of the characters have English accents, even though they live in France. And he can’t help but poke fun at Arno Dorian’s bad luck, both with fatherly figures and love interests.

Conan O Brien Reviews Assassins Creed Unity

O’Brien also basks in the violence of Assassin’s Creed, making quick work of the Parisian guards. Obviously, he doesn’t dive as deep into the revamped combat as the average fan would, but that’s to be expected. Even so, it’s worth pointing out that Ubisoft has given combat in AC Unity a general makeover, making the experience more engaging and fluid.

Ultimately, the AC Unity review, like most Clueless Gamer videos, is more about humor than anything else, but it does offer a closer look at Ubisoft‘s game. Who knows, maybe the footage even convinced some gamers that Unity is worth their time and money.

What do you think of the Clueless Gamer review for Assassin’s Creed Unity? What other games would you like to see Conan O’Brien tackle?

Assassin’s Creed Unity is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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