Brutal Force


Brutal Force is a run and gun game in which you control, from a top-down view, some sort of naked Rambo character, that shoots and blasts everything in his path, in order to save his little friends from the enemy clutches. You will explore different worlds with your hero,while shooting multiple weapons, saving hostages, and destroying all enemies in your path.

Along the way, the player will pick up various weapons, such as pistols and rocket launchers, but also health packs to refill his life. You will find them very useful in a world dominated by mayhem. Your hero shoots everything, from soldiers to giant machines and buildings, while being attacked from all sides. Almost everything is destructible in this game. 2_brutal_force

The main task is to find and rescue all of the prisoners in order to unlock the next level. In this dynamic gameplay you must not let the enemies get too close and constantly avoid their shots. The maps are various, from jungle scenarios to desert islands. Other players can join the fun as well. Your score is determined by the coins collected, hostages rescued and enemies defeated.4_brutal_force

The developers intended to create a fun and entertaining shooting game, in a pixel graphics world of mayhem. A previous version of the game was released, but the developers changed most of its features and added new levels, new characters to unlock and different skills and weapons. Now, they update the game very often with new levels and enemies.

Brutal Force has two game modes. As stated in the game description, you can play the Classic Mode and advance level by level, or you can choose the Rogue like Mode, where the levels are generated randomly. The game is currently available for Android phones, but in the near future the versions for iPhone and Windows phone will be released.unnamed

Genre: Arcade, Action

Sources: Mobaiou, Google Play



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