‘Battlefield 4′ Has the Most Powerful Bow In Video Games

With the plethora of new games hitting the market just in time for the holiday season, it would be easy to miss the release of the fifth and final DLC for Battlefield 4. The DLC, called Final Stand, was released on November 18 for Battlefield Premium members, and will be available for non-Premium purchase on December 2.

After a launch plagued with issues last year, Battlefield 4 has struggled to keep strong attention among gamers. The first four DLCs weren’t received as strongly as the publisher or fans hoped, and there are still no dinosaurs to shoot at, much to the chagrin of many devoted Battlefield fans.

However, a video released this week has brought the Final Stand DLC (and consequently Battlefield 4) back into the forefront of gamers’ minds. The video above shows the incredible power of the new BF4 bow – dubbed the Phantom – destroying absolutely everything that its arrow finds. Trees, concrete walls and helicopters are all susceptible to its wrath. Don’t worry; it’s incredibly effective against enemy players as well.

The bow and arrow has become a staple weapon of ‘badass’ characters in cinema and video games in recent years, ranging from John Rambo to Katniss Everdeen. Gamers have had the pleasure of dropping enemies with a bow in Crysis 3, Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, to name just a few. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about downing an enemy with a razor-sharp stick.

Battlefield 4 Phantom Bow copy

The Phantom bow can give you that kind of satisfaction. However, at the moment it’s only available in private matches. Anyone who’s been playing Battlefield 4 for a while will know that with the word “Phantom” comes a challenge. Since its release, Battlefield 4 has offered unique in-depth and challenging assignments that require the Battlefield community to combine skills and brainpower to unlock unique features and weapons in the game.

Many players are hard at work deciphering clues and looking for codes to unlock the Phantom Bow. Once the secrets have been found and the bow unlocked, every player and their dog will be using it in multiplayer.

If you’re interested in using the bow, we would recommend doing so quickly. Give it a try in a private match and get involved in finding a way to unlock it. Chances are good that a weapon this powerful will be nerfed fairly soon.

Battlefield 4 is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTubeBattlefield Inside

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