Batman-Starring ‘Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes’ Now Available on iOS

Doodle Jump isn’t just a game; it’s a full-on cultural phenomenon. In its first two years of release, Lima Sky’s mobile platformer racked up over 10 million sales. The game’s been featured on The Big Bang Theory and Parks and Recreation. Doodle Jump’s four-legged protagonist, The Doodler, haunts store shelves in the form of plushies and t-shirts. Even today, Doodle Jump sits at number 60 on the iTunes paid app charts, and is supposedly the third best-selling app of all time – not bad for a five year-old game.

So, how do you take something like that and make it even better? Easy. Just add Batman.

Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes, a Batman-themed reimagining of the original Doodle Jump, is available right now for iOS devices. Like its predecessor, Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes is a vertically-oriented platformer. Tilt your phone left or right to send The Doodler riocheting off of bouncing platforms. Like before, you’re still trying to climb as high as possible. This time, however, The Doodler sports Batman’s iconic cape and cowl. Instead of careening through brightly colored fantasy lands, the banana-nosed hero scales the gloomy Gotham skyline, complete with a Bat-Signal shining against the clouds.

That’s not all that’s new, though. In order to make their climb easier, Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes gives players access to some of Batman’s most famous toys: the Batwing, Bat-jetpack, and more. Enemies can be dispatched via batarang, and Batman’s famous cape lets The Doodler glide between platforms.

Doodle Jump: DC Comics

Batman’s not the only DC character to appear in Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes, either. The announcement trailer features appearances by many members of Batman’s rogue gallery, including The Joker, Bane, and Mr. Freeze. If that’s not enough comic-based goodness for you, the game’s iTunes listing notes that “Batman” is only chapter one; future updates will introduce Superman and Wonder Woman, along with character-specific environments, villains, and power-sets.

Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes represents a partnership between Lima Sky and Warner Bros. speculates that Lima Sky might be trying to revive sales of Doodle Jump titles by piggybacking on superheroes’ rising popularity. Warner Bros., on the other hand, views the game as a way of exposing its iconic characters to a wider audience.

Or it could just be about money. The first Doodle Jump cost $0.99; Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes is free. Unlike the first Doodle Jump, however, the super-hero-themed installment offers in-app purchases. You can upgrade Batdoodle’s weapons using in-game collectibles, but if that’s taking too long? You’re gonna pay.

Doodle Jump: DC Super Heroes is out now for iOS platforms, and is coming to Android smartphones and tablets in 2015.

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