Angry Devil Escape


Angry Devil Escape

Angry Devil Escape is a hell of a game. You play as a scared worried bubble surrounded by angry devil bubbles that just escaped from hell. You must constantly dodge them by moving your finger on the screen.

Legend has it that the yellow bubble and the red devils are at war since ancient times, but after endless effort the red devils were imprisoned in hell. But not anymore. You find yourself trapped between countless devils, and the only way to survive is to escape between them.

The player is trapped in the screen limits and must survive as long as he can. A problem is that the yellow bubble will be out of sight, covered by your finger. We find from the game description that you must have some skill in order to excel at this game. The user must have a great spatial memory, pattern recognition and trajectory ability in order to become a true escape master.

Angry Devil Escape

Electrified Wall

Angry Devil Escape

Angry Devils

The red devil is a determined, unpredictable adversary. It will change its speed and trajectory in a blink of an eye and the player must react at the same speed. But there is more danger. While avoiding the red devils you must also watch out for the electrified wall.



The game tends to become very competitive at some point, with gameplay almost impossible to master. Some players might get frustrated. Also, it’s endless. But the developers added something that makes it worth, and I am talking about achievements.

Angry Devil Escape


Complete achievements to win glory. The longer you last untouched by the devils, the better the achievement will be. From Novice Escaper, if you last at least 10 seconds in hell, to Monster Escaper, if you make it up to 5 minutes.

The developers also added an online and social feature to the game by adding Leaderboards. You can compare and share your time score with other players or your friends. So if you hold the top rank in the Leaderboards, everyone who plays the game will know.

If you are a casual gamer looking for simple, fun and endless gamepaly, Angry Devil Escape is a good choice for the Holidays. But, be careful, in these dark times devils rule the world. Be brave and challenge yourself this winter.

Genre: Arcade
Sources: Google Play


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